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March Blogger and Initiative of the Month!

Through this crazy fun month, we have had some amazing posts to be very proud of. From parties to giveaways, your work has been nothing short of fantastic. For the month of March, we have chosen our Blogger of the Month and Blogger Initiative of the Month, and it was no easy task. However, these… Read more »


Happy Spring!

While some of us have been experiencing spring time benefits for about a month, others are just beginning to watch the snow melt! So whether your winter has been long or short, we are excited to say Happy Spring to you! Everyone has done such marvelous work over the past couple months and we are… Read more »

RM_movie_night_V2 (1)

Party Time!

The past few weekends have been filled with so much fun and oh so many parties. My sweet tooth is jealous just looking at all the delicious goodies everyone has been preparing. On March 13th, some Insiders hosted Russell Madness Family Movie Nights, followed by more Insiders hosting Night At The Museum Marathons the very… Read more »


Getting Photobombed by Crystal the Monkey!

The craziest thing has been happening around the office lately! Here I am, trying to take a casual “work life selfie” the other day and I got photobombed… by a monkey! Crystal the Monkey to be exact! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!   I’m just monkeying around! I used the Night At The Museum:… Read more »


February Blogger and Initiative of the Month!

Another super fun month for the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders! Thank you for all of your amazing work! This month, two bloggers have really stood out to us, and for that reason, they will be our Blogger and Blogger Initiative of the month! Our Blogger of the Month goes to Toni, owner of A Daily… Read more »



They’re cute…they’re cuddly…they’re back!  From the creators of MADAGASCAR comes the hilarious new movie that proves global espionage is for the birds!  In DreamWorks’ PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, your favorite super-spies—Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private—join forces with the elite North Wind team to save the world.  It’s a side-splitting, globe-trotting adventure the whole family will love! … Read more »


That time we got to meet the stars of Russell Madness

Few things excite Mandy and I as much as animal celebrities. Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to meet our absolute favorite on air pup and monkey, and let’s just say thrilled is an understatement. We struggled to even pick out suitable outfits to meet creatures of such high stature. Crystal, the monkey, and Brightley,… Read more »


I Thought Every Day Was Love Your Pet Day!

Coming from someone who loves their pets more than they love most people, I think it’s fair to say that I believe strongly that every day is Love Your Pet Day. I treat my dogs as if they are royalty, because that is what they deserve. I show off pictures of them to anyone who… Read more »


The Best of Times with The Best of Tea

The day finally came. Friday. There were times we just weren’t sure we would make it, but there it was in all of its almost-weekend glory. We thought to ourselves, how will we celebrate this amazing, long awaited day? There was only one logical answer to this question. A Tea Party, of course. There is… Read more »